Spring Cleaning

03 Mar

Spring is right around the corner!  Sunshine, rising temperatures, and for some, Spring Cleaning.  After about five or so weeks of forgetting about my finished novel, Utopia–Burning, and moving on to other writing projects, I am ready to dust off the pages and do a little Spring Cleaning of my own.  It’s time to re-read the story with new eyes, and prune it into shape.  Sometimes it can be tough to trim your stories, chopping word after word, sentence after sentence, down to the bare essentials, but the end result is a skin-tight story that is almost always better.  

I have also been working on two new short stories that I hope to finish soon.  As always, check back often for the latest info.  Better still, sigh up for my Email Subscription and stay informed with ease!

And don’t forget to order your copy of the Fell Beasts Anthology today, featuring my short story The Whispers in the Cage!  The Pre-order is still going on, and you can now order it in ebook format as well!

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