This is it!  The place to contact Timothy Moore.  Please note, contact information has been broken into two sections – a place for fans and a place for businesses.


The the best place to contact Tim is under a blog entry on the main page.  I’ve heard that he responds quickly!

If you would like a more personal response (although hopefully not too personal, or you may have to buy him dinner first) feel free to contact him at:

If you want to brush up on your longhand and write Tim a letter, he will think that is sweet.  If you wish to send a book or magazine for him to sign, please query first, at:


Cover Blurbs and Book Reviews:
If you would like Tim to write a book review, or to write a blurb for an upcoming book’s cover, please query Tim, at: and he will provide you with an address where the material(s) can be sent.

Writing and Publishing:
If you are interested in hiring Timothy Moore to write a novel, novella, short story, edit a book, corroborate on a project, save the planet, etc., please send inquiries to

Note:  Please place an appropriate subject line in the email regarding your inquiry.


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